Sign In to ZenDesk

To access the Blue Marble Brand PIM Help Center, or submit a support ticket, please register (sign up) with Zendesk by providing your name and email address.
Other ways you can initiate the registration process are:
  • Visit the Help Center and click Submit a request
  • Visit the Help Center and clicks Sign in for the first time and then Sign up
  • Send an email support request to for the first time


After signing up, you will receive a welcome email message that prompts you to verify your email address and also create a password so that you can sign in to Zendesk.


So what do you gain by registering and signing in to Zendesk? Doing so allows the you to:

  • Submit tickets in Help Center without being prompted to provide your email address
  • Track your tickets in Help Center
  • Comment on articles in Help Center, participate in community discussions, and more.
  • Update your user profile and add additional contact information.
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