How do I edit an existing item request?

An item must be in the "Declined" state for you to edit an item. If an item request is still in ”review”, your SRMC can edit an item or decline it back to you.


Any items needing your action can be found in you INBOX on the Dashboard view.  Click on the date created in orange text.



This brings you to the Item request page. As long as the Current state = DECLINED, you will have the Edit and Edit Items tabs available. (If these are still missing when "Declined," please contact Supplier Support




Select the EDIT ITEMS tab. Here, you can edit or upload any information; just make sure to select SAVE at the bottom of each page you change.


You can add any comments about the changes you made in "Workflow comment" and the select Send Back to Item Specialist.


 Your item is now back in the review process.





My new item request was declined. Where can I get more details?

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