Which Kosher option should I select?

The Supplier Portal allows you to create New Item Requests,which replaces the old New Item Excel spreadsheet. In a New Item Request, you can enter pertinent information and upload supporting documents, like Kosher Certificates.

On the Certifications tab, you have 4 Kosher options to choose from.

This section is related to when it's Kosher, from an inventory and distribution point of view. Multiple options can be selected (e.g. Tropicana Pure Premium nfc Orange Juice is Parve and Kosher - MBUF).


Here is a very simplified explanation of when to choose each:

Kosher – Daily: Products listed are Kosher for year-round use, but not kosher for Passover (e.g. daily matzo)

Kosher – MBUF: Products that are both Kosher year-round AND certified Kosher for Passover. They usually also say May Be Used For Passover (like Kedem Grape Juice).

Kosher – Passover only: Products that are only kosher for Passover and not suitable for daily use (e.g. a 5lb matzo)

Parve: refers to “neutral” foods that contain neither meat nor dairy ingredients, nor derivatives.





New Item Requests

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