Is there a way to export all the details I just entered for an item?

Yes! We currently offer the option to export all of the item details into a Word Document (An Excel version is coming soon due to popular request).


1. From your Supplier Group Page, select ALL REQUESTS in the top menu bar:

2. Click on the Item Request that you would like to export. (We will use the first Archived one as an example) This brings you to the Item Request page.


3. Select the “Export Request” Tab:


Here you have the options to export all of the item details into a Word Document.

NOTE: For faster and compressed download, please leave the checkbox selected to download as a .ZIP file

(You will need a way to open ZIP files. WinZip is compatible with all Windows versions, as well as Mac. You can download this free tool here: )


4. Click “Export


You will receive a status bar and then a confirmation notice:



5. Navigate to your DOWNLOADS folder to locate and open the new ZIP file to view your documents.


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