How do I add people (broker, etc.) to my supplier group?

To add people, please make sure you are a group admin for your supplier group; in order to know your privileges and add people, you'll have to log in to the Supplier Portal at

The broker, or person you are trying to add to your group, must already have an account in the Supplier Portal. Need to create a new user account?

Upon login, you'll be directed to your profile.

From here, locate the Group membership section of your profile. Click on the group to which you need to grant your broker access. (I will be clicking on "TEST Supplier")

Once directed to the group page, verify you have the privileges to add people to the group. Under [Supplier Name] members is a list of users who are a part of the supplier group. The ones with "Administrator Member" to the right of them have the ability to add/remove people to their group. 

Once you verify you can add people to the group, click on the grey "Group" tab. 

You'll see two options that pertain to this FAQ: "Add people" and "People" 
  • Add people will allow you to add new people to your group (search via their username); i.e. your broker, other people from your company, etc.


  • People  will allow you change their privileges; i.e. changing one of your brokers to be a administrative access to manage your other members, etc. or remove a user

Create a New User Account

Broker Accounts

Adding Users to a Supplier Group

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