A name or term that identifies one Supplier's goods as distinct from those of other Suppliers.


A hired Sales Agent for either a Manufacturer or Distributor.


Items that are available in a large quantity and complete all processing stages up to, but not including, final packaging.


A high level partnership program for Top and Key Suppliers looking to restructure their Promotional Strategy, designed to significantly improve transparency through providing data. It is expected to improve Supply Chain efficiencies, deliver reduced Costs of Distribution, provide better Service Levels and Coding, and enhance the Return on Invested Capital for UNFI and participating Suppliers.


A person within a supplier company to communicate with. One supplier may have many contacts (i.e. marketing, shipping, sales) some will be portal users and some may not.


A receptacle in which an item is held or carried.

Container Material

Container Material is the matter from which a Container is or can be made (e.g. glass, aluminum, PETE1)

Distribution Center

A UNFI Distribution Center is a warehouse that is operated by UNFI where items are received, stored and shipped.    

Flat File Label

A digital file of the product label laid flat to see all sides, including the UPC.


The shape or structure that clearly delineate an Item from other Items within a Category.

Freight Allowance

A negotiated Pick Up Rate with a Supplier that provides UNFI a dollar value to apply toward the Freight Cost of the Item.

Freight on Board Costing (FOB Costing)

Specifies which party (UNFI or Supplier) pays for which shipment and loading costs, and/or where responsibility for the Items is transferred. The last distinction is important for determining liability for Items lost or damaged in transit from Supplier to UNFI. FOB is sometimes referred to as Free on Board.

Freight Protection

Refers to the physical part of the Distribution Center in which Items are slotted/stored; including Dry Grocery, Freezer, Cooler, and Repack areas and if the item should be protected from certain tempertures.


Inner Pack

A case of items; for example, 12 bottles of seltzer inside a box.


An Item is a tangible good that UNFI buys from a Supplier and sells to a Customer and has a scannable UPC (except some Bulk Items).

Master Case

The quantity of items for shipping purposes; for example, 50 boxes of seltzer bottles.

Selling Unit Type

The different Item Package Configurations UNFI sells to Customers.


A company or entity UNFI interacts with. May have several brands/sub-companies.


A Surcharge is an additional charge for providing a Customer with a form of Service (e.g., Surcharge for Shipping via UPS or a Fuel Surcharge).

Temperature Control Zone

The section of the Distribution Center where Products are stored, per UNFI Standards, Supplier information, and Product Labels. These include Frozen, Perishable, Grain Room, and Ambient.

Unit of Measure (UOM)

A standard unit or allowable value by means of which a quantity is accounted for or expressed.


An individual with an account on the portal, tied to an email address.


The suppliers for the supplier.

Vendor Warehouse

Shipping or pickup location.


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