Step 4: New Item Requests


This page is used to submit information about a new item to UNFI. It replaces the former Excel-based New Item Form.

NOTE: You may only submit items already approved by UNFI; all others will be rejected.  

Required fields are indicated with a red asterisk (*). Requests may be saved and submitted at a later time, but to do this all required fields must be filled in.


The following information is collected on the New Item Request: 

  • Item Details
  • UPCs (Retail and Case; inner applies)
  • Pack and Size
  • Vendor Warehouse Locations
  • Distributor Costs East
  • Distributor Costs West
  • UNFI Warehouse Locations
  • Packaging Specifications
  • Shelf Life
  • Origin
  • Certifications (Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO, Fair Trade)
  • Product Ingredient Information
  • Attributes (Organic, Gluten Free, etc.)
  • Beverages
  • Marketing (Product Images)
  • Retail Category Management
  • Promotions
  • Product Labels
  • Shipper Info


We recommend you gather all important documents and relevant information prior to filling out the New Item Request.


Once you enter some basic info on the first page of the New Item Request you will click Save on the bottom of the page.



This will bring you to the Request Items page; here you will enter all of the item information. The page is broken up into 18 tabs. You can navigate these tabs on the left side of the page, but be sure to click Save at the bottom of each page to save the information you’ve entered.



If you are submitting more than one item you will notice that each tab will have a section for each item. If the information you’re entering applies to more than one item you will use the pink Master Record section at the top of the page.  Information entered in the Master Record section is applied to each of the items.  To edit a column individually click Edit Items above the column, at which point you can scroll down to enter info manually.

Once all the information has been submitted you will be brought to the Workflow page. From here you can use the gray tabs towards the top of the page to view or make changes, otherwise use the Submit for Review button on the Workflow tab to submit the request.



When a New Item Request requires your action, it will appear in the Inbox on the Dashboard. Click the title to load the request. Here you can view and edit the request, or view the workflow, using the tabs at the top of the request.

Clicking the Workflow tab will display the request’s workflow as well as any comments that have been added. You can add comments to the request’s workflow in the box provided before submitting. If the request needs to be submitted to UNFI at this time, click Submit for Review.



If this request was declined by UNFI, the workflow indicates where in the process it was declined and you can review the comments to determine what needs to be changed before resubmitting the request.

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