Dashboard Overview

The home page of the Supplier Portal is the Dashboard. At the top of the Dashboard you will see the navigation menu; it is used to navigate within the portal to any of the following pages:

  • New item request is used to submit new items and promotions.
  • All requests lets you view all the requests you’ve submitted that are still pending final approval.
  • My account controls your personal information such as your email and password.
  • Help links to support information.

The Dashboard contains an Inbox, which lists any requests that require your attention. Click the creation date to view a request. The Inbox also has a lock indicator to let users know if anyone else is currently working on that request. Click on the icon to lock or unlock.

On the bottom of the Dashboard is the My Suppliers box, which contains links to all the suppliers your account is associated with; most users will only have one. Click the supplier’s name to view the Supplier Information page. The My Suppliers box also has links to download supplier contact info and vendor warehouse locations. There is also a tool available to lookup items by UPC.

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