Appointment Module Glossary


Load # A unique UNFI-designated number assigned to a specific load
Appointment # A unique number assigned to a specific appointment
Destination DC The DC where the load is scheduled to be delivered to
Pallets The number of pallets included in a specific load
Weight The weight of the load
Cubes A calculated number providing the total amount of space taken up
by the cases in a load
Protection Level The type of truck required based on the items being delivered in
that load. For example D – Dry, C – Chilled, F – Frozen.
Standing Appointment A reoccurring appointment
Upcoming Appointment An appointment that has been confirmed by the UNFI Master
 Past Appointment  Appointments that fall within the past 6 months.
 Truck Load Type  Designation of either Floor load or Pallet load
 Dock  Provides the dock number where the load will be delivered.
 Needed  This is a date that you will find in appointment details. A calculated
value that changes on the PO indicating the urgency of that PO to
be delivered to UNFI.
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