Scheduling an Appointment for Collect Load


In the ‘Load’ tab, locate the load that you want to create an appointment for. You can either do
this by scrolling through the load tab or by typing the load number into the search box.

Once you have located the load, click the blue ‘Create Appointment’ button to schedule the

In the ‘Create Appointment’ pop-up box, enter the Carrier Contact, Destination Distribution
Center and the Load Type. For each category, you may use the drop down arrow to search for
the correct entry or you can start typing into the box and then select from an entry that autopopulates.
Once you have filled in all categories, click the ‘Done’ button.

In the ‘Select Time’ pop-up box, click the radio button next to the time that works for you to
deliver the load. Once you have selected a time, click the ‘Done’ button. If none of the listed
times work for you, click the ‘Cancel’ button and contact the UNFI Master Scheduler at the
email provided.

A pop-up box will appear to let you know that the appointment was submitted. Click the ‘Go to
Load Screen’ button to return to the appointment module.

Important notes about requested appointments:

  • At this step, the appointment is not confirmed
  • A member of UNFI’s Inbound Logistics team will review the appointment request
    and will send a confirmation from the following email:
  • In the event the appointment time is not available, for whatever reason, you will
    receive a second email notification with a rescheduled delivery time
  • If you do not receive an email within one business day, check in the Appointment
    Module if the appointment has been scheduled
  • If the appointment is not scheduled, contact the Master Scheduler for the DC
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