Accepting a Load


In the ‘Load’ tab, determine the Load # that you plan to accept. You can either search within
the tab by scrolling through the list, or you can type the load # into the search box and click the
‘Search’ button.


Once you have located the load, click the blue ‘Accept’ button to accept the load.

3. In the pop-up box, provide any comments related to the load that you would like to have
reported in the database. After entering comments, if applicable, click the ‘Done’ button. Note:
If there is critical information that you want to relay, reach out directly to a UNFI Master

 Click ‘F5’ on your keyboard to refresh the screen. You will now see the Load listed in the ‘Load’
tab, but now you will see the button to ‘Create Appointment’ to the right of the load.

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