Supplier Portal: Appointment Module Quick Reference Guide for Carriers

The goal of these documents are to equip you with the basic information and processes that will allow you
to effectively use the appointment module in the Supplier Portal as a Supplier or Carrier. You will find in the document information on the purpose and benefits of the appointment module, processes you can take
(including screenshots), and a list of key questions and answers.


Supplier Portal: Appointment Module Overview and Benefits

The appointment module within the supplier portal will provide you with the following enhancements
to your current appointment management process:

Improved Appointment Visibility – The appointment module will provide the ability to view
standing, scheduled and past appointments. Improved visibility will provide an improved
understanding of your business with UNFI.

Automated Appointment Set-up – The appointment module will enable you to submit load
information into the Supplier Portal and receive an automated response with options for
appointment times. You can then choose one of the options, which will provide the UNFI
Inbound Logistics (IBL) team with an appointment request. If the appointment time is available,
the IBL team can simply accept the request, generating an email confirmation to be sent to you
and publishing the appointment in the ‘upcoming’ tab of the Portal.

One Opportunity to Reschedule in Portal – The appointment module will allow you one
opportunity to request a different appointment time within the portal. Any additional changes
will require you to contact an IBL team member directly. Providing the opportunity for one ‘In-
Portal’ appointment reschedule will hopefully save you time.

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