Supplier Portal: Appointment Module Quick Reference Guide for Suppliers

The goal of these documents are to equip you with the basic information and processes that will allow you
to effectively use the appointment module in the Supplier Portal as a Supplier or Carrier. You will find in the document information on the purpose and benefits of the appointment module, processes you can take
(including screenshots), and a list of key questions and answers.


Supplier Portal: Appointment Module Overview and Benefits

The appointment module within the supplier portal will provide you with improved visibility of your
deliveries to UNFI Distribution Centers. You will see your delivery appointments and the details
related to those appointments. You will also be able to see status information such as whether an
appointment has been landed, cancelled, or remains unfulfilled.

Additionally, all carriers and any supplier that performs and manages their own carrier activities can
register for the appointment management capability within the Supplier Portal appointment module.
This will allow all applicable carriers and suppliers to use the Supplier Portal to perform the following

• Accept loads
• Request appointments
• View confirmed appointments
• Request to reschedule appointments
• View confirmed rescheduled appointments

Please share this information with your carriers and let them know they can request access by
completing the form at this link: Request Access

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